The One and Only "Smokin" Jim

Smokin' Jim comes from a long line of people who never knew when to shut the hell up. So using his God given talent as a non-stop yapper, he studied abroad. Armed with the knowledge of who he was he shot out of Stamford Connecticut like a gun out of a barrel and headed to Salt Lake City. Skiing his little heart out brought joy to his life, but deep down he knew there was somthing missing. Moving back and forth across the country didn't help either. So he slowly made his way to Dallas, Texas, hoping against hope to finally find himself. At his job at a restaurant and during a particularly long tirade of blithering, he was discovered by a radio owner who thought he would be a good DJ and time slot filler. Smokin Jim was finally on his way to a new creation! A new start! A new avenue of non-stop talking never before discovered! Oh happy day! A few years later Bailey Dillion got a hold of him (we think it's through blackmail) and now he works for her. (Yeah, right)

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