All About The "Bailey Dillion"

Bailey Dillion was born sometime in the last century in Glens Falls, New York. With hard work never being a stranger to her, she soon lit on out of there to find her own way, any way she could. Working her way across country on tramp steamers and Amtrak luxury trains, she found herself in the heart of Texas, the Big "D," Dallas. Soon after she met a man who would introduce her to the world of online radio. Finally! A way to express herself and let the whole world know what she was thinking. Quickly becoming video/audio editor and producer gave her the experience to strike out once again on her own to own, manage, and baby-sit her own endeavour: which is now, 24/7 online radio! With determination, a slew of songs, semi talented DJ, and co-owner, Smokin Jim, Bailey created a hot, new, chatty, fun, frolicking musical festival of online goodness. Oh yes, the guy she met in Dallas turned out to be a jerk, so she dumped him.

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